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Book 2 in the EVE-0 Lucien duology…

After discovering Dr. Lucien Sabara’s sinister plot to alter future generations of humankind through genetic manipulation, Dr. Gabrielle Gale and Lt. Christopher Silver must continue their fight to stop the plans of this ruthless scientist at all costs.

In a time of pandemics and disease, the ailing world finds itself on its knees, desperate for the cure promised by leading geneticist Dr. Lucien Sabara. With his simple EVE-0 treatment, he seemingly offers an answer to the world’s prayers. Though, as Gabrielle and Chris learn, the geneticist’s true agenda is to play God over humankind, forcing women to require medical intervention to conceive, allowing Lucien to edit unborn embryos in order to create a better race, a more equal race, a more EVOLVED race.

Having joined forces with the Amazonian Matsés people, Gabrielle and Chris must thwart Sabara’s plans to create a “better” human race. But as Gabrielle uncovers more details of the geneticist’s plan, she must face her own moral dilemma. As she wrestles with her own questions of ethics, Gabrielle must decide if saving humanity is worth sacrificing the very thing that makes us human.

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